Thank You For Your Powerful Prayers!!!

Clark’s doctor has written orders for him to be transferred to the rehabilitation wing! That’s great news because it’s the first step toward getting him ready to come home for which we are so thankful to God.

He was in great spirits tonight – the best that we’ve seen – and more talkative than ever. He sang his tune “Phalanges” to me, which was the first of his compositions to be recorded a long, long time ago when he was in Charlie Barnet’s band.

Lesa Terry playing for Clark

His cousin, Lesa Terry, was visiting him along with his niece, Patsy Clark, who still calls him “Uncle John.” If you’ve read his book, you know why his family called him “John.” Lois Gilbert from also came to see him, and he was so happy to see them all. The nurse on duty, Letti, said, “You’ve got a lot of pretty ladies here with you. No wonder you’re doing better!”

Lesa played some beautiful tunes on her violin for him, and when she played one of his tunes, “Digits,” she purposely played some wrong notes just to see if he’d catch the errors. He said, “No, no! It goes like this…” And he sang it to her. He might not always remember my birthday, but he definitely remembers his music!

We talked about some passages from his autobiography, and he wanted me give you a link to a short clip that we did about it. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

Please keep your powerful prayers coming, because they mean more than you know. He said to tell you, “I’m hanging in there, and I love you all.”


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  1. Clark: Love you and everything you have ever stood for. You are truly one of a kind. Sammy Nestico

  2. Richard Grady says:

    CT has given us the great gift of natural inspiration in his music AND his life. He has my prayers and love and I pray that all goes as deep and loving as his music and life has gone! Love you CT!

  3. francesebeni says:

    Hang in there baby!all the way from Guatemala,Central America I listen to your marvalous,and I mean I marvel, wonderful music….may it take you always higher,in your love for love and why not LOVE FOR YOU ALWAYS!GOD BLESS::BRAVO!!!!

  4. Vanessa Rubin says:

    Hey Clark,

    Thinking of you with much love and continuous prayers.

    You got jokes man. Smile. I love your sense of humor. I always believed having one was critical to the process of life. You demonstrate that with such grace and class. It’s one of the things I always remember about you.

    I am doing a one woman show about Billie Holiday. Bet you could tell me some stories about those days. In my research I saw a clip of you with a small group led by Basie and you guys were backing up Billie on a blues called Now Baby Or Never in a swanky supper club. Man, you all were swinging and swayin’ and groovin so hip, especially you. Everybody was clean and you looked like you were having soooooooo much fun. I walk with that image of inspiration when I am on stage doin her.

    Besides having the honor to hang out with you behind stage on a number of your performances, talking and laughing and learning about the music and of course, getting to recording with you on the QE2, please know that this is just another way you have enriched my life as a person and as a jazz singer. Keep smilin’.

    All Smiles and having a sip a Dry Sak too!
    Vanessa Rubin

  5. dear clark and gwen:
    words can barely suppress the guffaws of delight and recognition i’ve enjoyed chuckling over your wise, witty, impossibly humane life story! i surely wish i’d’a jumped faster as a writer to pen a few words of deep appreciation in DB or NYC-JR. but, lemme tell you, i think it’s a noble testament to your brilliant and loving career to have captured with such gimlet-eyed precision and kindly regard your fine-etched (Harmon-muted?) cameos of every musician you’ve ever known. we can hear your voice in every dang sentence, just like your trumpet voice in every phrase you’ve ever played! your story is the finest education — in the jazz community and the human spirit — one can ever hope to read.
    God Bless (you) Clark Terry!
    and a swingin’ from Santa’s boot-tops Christmas to you and your widely extended family!
    fred b
    boston, mass

  6. George Bailey says:

    I am a proud supporter of your music; buying your recordings and catching live performances. I am grateful for the opportunity to assist you personally in a small way after a Giants of Jazz performance in South Orange, New Jersey a few years back. Much love to you. Happy Birthday and many more. You are blessed and we are blessed that you have blessed us. Peace!


  7. ken cook says:

    I just want to tell you that I am a Music teacher from Pittsburgh and have seen you perform at the Pitt Jazz seminar many times. I love your quintet recordings with Bob Brookmeyer. Your book has given me much insight into your life. I hope that your recovery goes well and you will keep on “MUMBLIN”

  8. Marty Bound says:

    Hi CT and Gwen,
    I just finished the book. It was great I couldn’t put it down. I read it as I was on the road traveling to some gigs. Many of the NY stories reminded me of similar stories of my past friends Burt Collins and Leo Ball. And of my on going relationship I have with Joe Wilder. Joe sends his regards and we both are saying a prayer for your recovery. Be well and God Bless.

  9. Darlene (Terry) Cushinberry says:

    Hi Uncle Clark and Gwen, just wanted let you guys know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    With Love,

    Darlene (Terry) & Carl Cushinberry (AZ)
    Lillian Terry (Hutchinson, KS)
    James Terry (Norfolk VA)
    Neal & Christine Terry (St.Louis Mo)

  10. Jim McNair says:

    Clark: “Mumbles” lifts my spirits; may yours be lifted as well.

  11. Michael Coury says:

    Good to hear you’re on the road to recovery! Best thoughts from Vancouver.

  12. Valerie Bishop says:

    oh, yes, definitely good news! moving forward. i think these updates and posts are as important to us and they are to you guys! so glad that you had all that good company. definitely an “upper”.

    will continue my strong prayers but getting on my knees is not always possible!! LOL

    big love to both of you.



  13. Michael "Migueligans" Miller says:

    Clark, I loved talking with you last night and hearing you chat away just like old times! And, wow… cool to once again hear you buzzing your lips like nobody’s buzziness! How you can so perfectly buzz nearly four octaves is beyond me. But, then again, you’re beyond EVERYBODY! So, keep on keepin’ on and gettin’ better & better every day, and just know that I’m looking forward to sharing warm toast & corny jokes with you sooner than soon!

    Sending you smiles and much love,


  14. Morris "Nine Lives" Nelms says:

    This is great news! Keep on Keepin’ On.
    Much love,
    Morris “Nine Lives” Nelms

  15. Jean-Jacques says:

    Dear Clark and Gwen,

    Well, you won’t believe it ! I’m a pure french Jazzman leaving in France, playing trumpet since 50 years.
    Always heard about Clark. He was, is, still my mentor. Buzzing, doodling are coming from him…
    From one side I’m sad to think of him in an hospital bed whereas he should be around us jumping, swinging, mumbling. but from the other side I’m glad he is at least going to rehabilitation stage. I do cross my fingers and wish you all the best for the incoming future.
    Very sincerely yours.
    Jean-Jacques – from France faraway but so close to you…

  16. Chris & Theresa Hill says:

    Just read the new post, it’s great to hear rehab will be starting soon. work hard at it Uncle John!! We need you to Mumble for us, Nobody Mumbles like you. We love you, and we’ll be praying for you.

    Chris & Tee (Patsy Clack’s daughter and son-in-law)

  17. Dear Clark and Gwen,
    That’s such great news to hear that you’re moving to the rehabilitation wing. We were so happy to see the new photos and to hear about Lisa coming down to play for you. Great to hear about you singing “Phalanges”-that’s a tough tune! If you’re singing that one, you’ve got some great chops, to say the least. All the guys in the big band send their very best and we’ll keep sending the positive vibes your way.
    Lots of love,
    Alan and Riina

  18. Michael "Migueligans" Miller says:

    I love your autobiography so much, Clark, that I’m planning on reading it a-Gwen and a-Gwen!

    Anyway….it’s so great to know that you’ll soon be home, Clark, where Josh, Noah and I can keep you up night after night giving us the very best, most awesome, most incredible, most fun jazz mastery lessons in the universe!

    Needless to say, we are looking forward to seeing you soon, and we love you more than ten thousand pieces of warm toast!!!

    Sending big hugs and much love,

    Michael, Josh and Noah

  19. Sarah Gilliam Fagerberg says:

    Hi Uncle Clark and Gwen,
    I whish I was there with you. Just remebering how I came to stay with you when you where still in Long Island. I loved every moment of it. Please let uncle Clark know that I’m praying for him to get better. My thoughts are with you and I was so happy to hear about him moving to the rehabilitation wing. Please keep in touch Gwen, I love you both.

    /Sarah (uncle Clarks niece from Sweden)