Thank You For So Many Blessings!

It was quite a tearful experience for both of us, as I shared the hundreds of prayers and encouraging messages that were posted from Clark’s students, friends, fans, fellow musicians, and family around the world. He said, “Please tell everybody that I love them very, very much. I can’t thank them enough for all of those beautiful words.”

He is more determined than ever to “keep on keepin’ on.” With God’s grace and your powerful faith, I’m so glad to let you know that he’s been transferred from the Intensive Care Unit into a private room. With such an outpouring of love from you, he has a healthy appetite for solid foods and is getting stronger daily.

His doctors are keeping a close eye on him, and they haven’t documented any new complications since his right leg was amputated mid-thigh last Wednesday. His primary care physician, Dr. Simmie Armstrong, reported, “We still have a long road ahead, but he’s a tough trooper. We can all learn a lot from him.”

Clark said, “When I face adversity, I lace up my bootstraps and wade on through. And everyday I’m grateful to Big Prez (his nickname for God).” As we look forward to his 91st birthday on December 14th, I asked him what he’d want if he could have his heart’s desire, and he answered, “Another birthday.”

You have made him so happy, and we are extremely appreciative.

Please continue to keep him on your prayer list.

Blessings and love,

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  1. Dale Carlson says:

    I hope you are recovering well. You mean a lot to so many of us. I met you 35 years ago when you came to my high school. One of my friends retrieved your cigar butt from a trash can as a souvenir. Yes, once upon a time, visiting jazz musicians were allowed to smoke cigars inside a public school…

    Regarding Gwen: Clark, I think you married well 🙂 I hope you both enjoy a Very Merry Christmas. Improved health and continued happiness in 2012.


  2. Patricia Myers, jazz journalist says:

    My thoughts and heart reach out to you as you continue to fight the good fight. Best wishes from one who remembers your performances in Arizona, and who misses hearing you.

  3. John Leite says:

    Hey Clark, Heard you play so many times and brought students to hear you up at University of NH over the years. You were an inspiration to them that has nurtured many “Young” pros today. We’ve never done a “Gig” together but have some “Gig” contacts that are similar over the years.
    Stay strong man, it’s too early to join our fallen musician friends and that “Ultimate” Gig upstairs.
    John Leite #300 AFM

  4. Richard Dubin says:

    Daily nose to nose. Do it.
    Love ~DooBahDah

  5. Steve Roberts says:

    Happy belated birthday, Mr. Terry. You’ve been a great inspiration to me through the years — nobody can make a beautiful long line like you!

    Sending prayers and strength your way.