Clark Is Coming Home!

He said, “Man! I’m so glad that Big Prez gave me a green light, and I’ll do my best to make it down the next road.”

On Thursday afternoon, I met with Dr. Jacqueline Frigon who is the head doctor for the physical rehabilitation wing of the hospital where Clark has been for the past few months. When she informed me about her recommendation for his release, I closed my eyes and said a prayer of thanks to God! I thanked Him for all of the doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and personal health aides – and especially for Dr. Simmie Armstrong (Clark’s Primary Care Physician) who stuck with us all the way and never gave up.

Your love helped us to get to this point! The visits, cards, phone calls, tributes, news articles, and messages posted on Clark’s site and on your Facebook pages have been so encouraging. We are deeply grateful, and we thank God for the miracle of Clark being able to continue his recuperation at home.

We’ll do our very best to make him comfortable and assist with his exercise routines. Professional services such as Home Care Nurses will visit three times a week to help with additional medical necessities between doctor’s appointments.

He was also excited when I told him that Celine Peterson is doing a web radio tribute to him this coming Sunday, January 15th at 10:00 p.m. EST on JAZZ.FM91. As many of you know, she is the daughter of Oscar and Kelly Peterson, and she’s also Clark’s goddaughter. Please click here to read all about it in JazzTimes magazine.

Please click here to listen. We wish you the best, Celine!

Last weekend, I attended the Jazz Education Network (JEN) Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. It was phenomenal!

There were lots of musicians in attendance, more than one hundred vendor tables and exhibits, plenty of workshops, panel discussions, presentations, and some really great jazz. Friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time were there to personally deliver their heartfelt sentiments for Clark.

Hundreds of people stopped by our “Clark Terry Autobiography” table, and our friends, Sherry Witt and Dawn DeBlaze, were there to help. Everyone wrote well wishes for Clark on a huge canvas that was eight feet by four feet, which I plan to make into an incredible wall banner. We photographed friends and fans holding Clark’s 2010 Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award, and we sold dozens of his autobiography which had his authentic “thumbprint” autograph. Our first sale was to saxophonist, Bobby Watson.

David Baker honored us by autographing his wonderful book – “David Baker: A Legacy in Music.” Afterwards, he went to a really nice celebration of his 80th birthday. We wish you many happy returns, David! I can’t wait to share your book with Clark.

On Saturday, just before the exhibits were closed, we had a drawing for a free copy of Clark’s book. It began with a blues serenade acapella by Chad Carter – “Hello Little Girl,” which we all enjoyed tremendously! Chad’s mentor is Ernie Andrews who is a true master, as we all know.

Our volunteer for the drawing was Monika Herzig, the author/pianist who worked with David on his book. As people gathered around, we all watched while she closed her eyes and rummaged through the dozens of entries. Finally, she drew a winner – Steve Wiest – Director of the North Texas One O’Clock Lab Band, and a multiple Grammy-nominated composer and trombonist. Someone located him a few minutes later and when he claimed his prize book, he said, “I’ve never won anything in my life!” Congratulations, Steve.

Although most of my time was spent at our table, I did have a chance to catch a few performances, including one with Laila Smith (vocalist) and Chase Morrin (pianist). Those two young musicians are quite talented, and I hope that Clark will get to hear them.

On the last night of the conference, I attended a tribute to the great Benny Carter on his centennial anniversary. Mel Martin and the Benny Carter Tribute Band performed, featuring Bobby Watson, Steve Kirby, Jeff Mars and Don Friedman. They were absolutely awesome! Don has played with Clark for more than fifty years.

When I returned home, Clark and I had a great time as I filled him in on the details of the JEN Conference. He said, “I hope to be there next year.”

Please pray that he’ll keep on keepin’ on and attend the 2013 JEN Conference!

Blessings and love,

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22 Responses to Clark Is Coming Home!

  1. nik & billie jo johnston says:

    Dear Clark,
    We’re glad you are home and getting better every day! You have been an inspiration to our family for years. We love ya!

    “Mom and Dad” Johnston in Denver

  2. Dear Clark and Gwen,

    I found this in my “archive”

    Hope you will enjoy it …

    With love, from Geneva Switzerland

  3. Dale Carlson says:

    Clark and Gwen,
    I’m very happy that you’re back home together again. Not that hospital food isn’t really really great, but I’m thinking home cooking might be even better 🙂

    I was wondering if any “Thumbprint Editions” of the autobiography might still be available. I bought the book, but gave it to my brother, also a fan. Now I need to buy a copy for me. Please e-mail me if there’s any way I can get an “autothumbed” copy.

    Keep on keepin’ on, both of you. Many thanks for everything.


  4. Michael "Migueligans" Miller says:

    Welcome home, Clark!!! You ain’t kidding about that “Keep on Keepin’ On” thing, and we’re all certainly glad about that!!! What a thrill it was to call and discover that you were actually talking from the comfort of your own home!! YAY!!!! We hope to see you sooner than soon, and in the meantime, enjoy every moment of your new lease on life, do your physical therapy with gusto, and soak in the simple joy of being surrounded by the harmony and love of Gwen and all the wonderful people in your life. Wishing you much merry music ahead….

    Love lots,


  5. Valerie Takacs says:

    This is the best news of the New Year!!! God is good, and our prayers have been answered. That doesn’t mean I won’t continue to pray for your continued recovery. You and Gwen deserve nothing but the best. I am sending lots of love your way from Ohio!!
    God be with you both!!

  6. Michael Johnston says:

    Dear Clark and Gwen,
    We are so happy to hear that you’re home. Both of you are amazing and deserve nothing but the best life has to offer! God bless you both. K.O.K.O.
    Mike and Zoe Johnston

  7. Willie and Irma Pickens says:

    We just heard the news that Clark is coming home tonight.i
    Irma and I WERE DOWN TO SEE Clark and Gwen in September before his book signing and I PLAYED AT HIS BOOK SIGNING.I STARTED PLAYING WITH Clark in the sixties and we’ve shared the stage since then on many occasions.He’s agreat artist and a dear friend.We’re just elated he’s coming home.God Bless you Clark.
    Willie and Irma Pickens

  8. Bobby Shew says:

    YOWZAH!!!! It compares to the announcement of peace on earth! But, with CT’s strong heart and mind, I guess we can understand how this happened! Well done, Clark!
    lotsa love your way….

  9. Brian Quakenbush says:

    Waiting for this news! Thanks, and best of luck. We miss you.

  10. Neil L. King says:

    Love that man!!! I hope he is there next year as well!!!! God Bless you Clark!!!!

  11. Céline Peterson says:

    This is FANTASTIC! I am so thrilled to hear that he will be able to be home and everybody will be able to be together again. This has made my week and my month!! Here’s to only good news from now on 🙂
    Love you both! xoxo

  12. Jai Florada says:

    There are many of us out here CT, who love you madly. You’re an icon, a National Treasure and more than anything a man filled with a joy for for life that’s contagious. Bless you for sharing your enormous talent with us and bringing all those smiles to our faces. Mumbles forever!
    With love and respect-
    Jai Florada

  13. Dan Haerle says:

    I’m so glad to hear that CT is doing well and is going home to recuperate further! It was the highlight of my musical life to get to do a couple of tours with him! He is one of my true heros! A giant among musicians and human beings in general!

    Much love from Texas, Clark!


  14. Steve Hemsworth says:

    Great news, here’s wishing ya all the best Clark.


  15. steven bernstein says:

    Bless you CT!…You continue to inspire, your autobiography is so full of wisdom, I bought copies for John Coppolla and Dick Akright in San Franscisco, they both send their love
    Your fan forever
    Steven Bernstein…now I’ll practice
    thank you

  16. Jim McNair says:

    Welcome home, Clark! God bless you. Jim McNair-Rowlett, Texas

  17. Michael Walters says:

    I am thrilled that Mr. Terry is going home. All the best and hoping for continuous recovery.


  18. Fabian Acuna says:

    This has to be the best news I have heard all this new year! I’m so glad you are able to return home and Keep on Keepin on! I’ll continue praying and would love to hear from you attending the JEN conference 2013!

    A big thank you to you Gwen for updating everyone and keeping us informed, you truly have done a huge contribution to this site and to everyone.

    Hope to hear again from you Clark!!

    God Bless,
    Fabian Acuna

  19. Michael ("Migueligans") Miller says:

    YAY, Clark! YAY, Gwen! What a wonderful duet you have played together for so many years, and how fortunate we all are to be blessed by your presence!

    See you back on the ‘beech’ soon….can’t wait!!!

    Oodles (and doodles) of love,


  20. Björn Ingelstam says:

    Just finished reading the book, feel so inspired by Clarks story and just wanna practise my horn even more now. Send my love and thanks to Clark for his great playing and being.

    Love from Sweden