Happy New Year!

We hope that you enjoyed bringing in 2012! Our celebration included, saying prayers, reminiscing and discussing plans for the future, and listening to some great music. I told Clark some of the latest jokes that I’d heard, and we talked with friends on the phone. Most of all, he enjoyed hearing me read the latest messages from all of you. He loves what you’ve written so much, until I had to re-read some of the older messages. When my throat became dry, I told him that I needed to get some water but he said, “Read the next one!”

I asked him what his New Year’s resolution was and he said, “To keep on keepin’ on.”  As he continues to improve, he’s not missing a beat. He’s been giving lessons to some of his students in person and over the phone, and encouraging friends with health challenges. His longtime friend Red Holloway suffered a stroke a few months ago, but was recently released from a hospital in California. Clark said, “Hang on in there, Brother Red. That’s what we’ve got to do.”

We hope you’ll join us in praying for Red Holloway and others who are sick. Your prayers are miraculous! They have certainly helped Clark. Please keep them coming.

When Clark’s autobiography was released by the University of California Press, I told him that we’d received many requests for him to autograph his new book. He has arthritis in his hands and has difficulty in holding a pen. He said, “Well, I can’t write, but I’ve got thumbs.” So, we’ve had a lot of fun helping him to place his thumbprint on the inside page. On this photo that I took in his hospital room a few weeks ago, our friend George Pettigrew was there to help with the “thumbprint project.”

On January 6, 2012, a few hundred copies of his “thumbprinted” autobiography will be available at the Jazz Education Network convention in Louisville, Kentucky. Since Clark isn’t able to attend, he asked that I go and represent him. So, I’ll be there along with our friends, Dawn DeBlaze and Sherry Witt. Please go to the home page of Clark’s site and click on “The Book” to read the wonderful book reviews that he has received. And if you happen to attend the JEN convention, please stop by our table which is #2 (close the Visitor Bureau table) to say hello and sign the “surprise get well book” for Clark.

We hope that 2012 will bring you prosperity and joy, and realization of your dreams. Of course, it is our dream that Clark will be able to come home soon. If you have a few moments, please continue to post your messages in his Guest Book. Your comments make him so happy, and they keep him feeling “connected” to you. Your words are truly appreciated, and I look forward to reading them to him.

Blessings and hugs,

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10 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. I have such a fond memory of you and Red sitting in my car on the way to a gig. I wish I had a tape recorder for the way you spoke to each other. I think that I was laughing so hard it took me a few days to recuperate from the stomach pain. I went to Red’s not long ago and he let me practice on his trumpet and then said, “lady you are practicing on Clark’s mouthpiece, yah!” It was cool! Sending you love, Sacha Boutros

  2. Greg 'REBO'Bobulinski says:

    REBO- The book is a masterpiece. What a life!! What blessings!! And what great music!! You are the greatest. I love you Clark and May God give you strength to overcome this latest obstacle in your magnificent life’s path. You are in my thoughts and prayers. REBO(GROG)

  3. Casey Chisick says:


    Just finished reading your book. What a great collection of stories! I smiled as I remembered your telling some of them to me in person during those great days when we worked together in Winnipeg. I’ll remember those times forever.

    So sorry to hear about your latest health challenges, but I know you’ll rise above them as you always do. Keep on keepin’ on and know that we’re thinking about you up here in Canada.

    Your friend,

  4. Cousin Mona aka "MoMo" says:

    Happy 2012 to you both! Sending you love from the “way bottom” of my heart…Never give up!
    From the heartland, Mona Terry

  5. Michael ("Migueligans") Miller says:

    Dear Clark,

    It was so great to hear you sounding so well on the phone this week, Clark! As always, the care, insight, wisdom and feedback that you share with Josh and Noah are invaluable treasures that they will carry with them for years and years to come. Thanks so much for everything, Clark…we can’t wait to see you back at home soon!

    Lots of love….and then a whole lot more!


  6. Fabian Acuna says:

    Thank you Gwen so much for your updates in this blog and keeping every updated and smiles on peoples faces to know that Clark is getting better. Your book is truly inspiring and have recommended to everyone I know. You have helped me so much to become the person I am today (and musician I hope to be) so I hope to help you as much with many prayers and blessings going your way. I wish you the very best and speediest recovery.

    Fabian Acuna

  7. Jim Manley says:

    Hi Gwen and Clark – I read the book and loved it -so many great insights to one of everyone’s favorite trumpet players! I grew up in south St Louis and know the area well and it was delight reading about his time there.
    Prayers are with you both and please tell Clark thanks for all the great jazz he was shared with us all thses years -still listening in St Lou!

  8. Valerie Bishop says:

    thank you so much, as always, Gwen! my holiday prayers most definitely included the two of you. wish i could make it to Kentucky or Arkansas but am grateful that i can reach out to you here. i’m going to send a cute joke i recently read as soon as i can find and copy it!! i don’t ever remember jokes, especially these days. LOL!! big hugs and lots of love.

  9. Bob Byers says:

    I had the honor of playing at University of Northern Iowa with the distinguished Clark Terry as guest soloist about thirty years ago.
    I also heard and saw him with Dr. Bencriscutto at the U of Minn.Certainly he is one of the greatest trumpet players in Jazz history! Prayers and Best wishes to Mr.Terry.

  10. Anthony Oland says:

    Clark, your playing always was thrilling to me,you personify what the word ‘cool’ is all about. Thanks so much!
    In this Year of recovery, I wish you and Gwen much joy. Here in Toronto the snow is falling, see how lucky you are…youdon’t hav to drive Today?