Clark Is Home!

When he was released from the hospital, he sang, “Going Home,” all the way through the corridors and he didn’t stop until we were in the car. After being home for a week, some new challenges developed and he had to be readmitted. The next week when things were stabilized, he came home again. He said, “I hope I’ll get to stay at home this time.”

We’re all grateful to God that he’s improving daily. He says, “My biggest challenge, now, is keeping up with my physical therapy.” He smiled before continuing, “I don’t have any ‘shipiphany’ in the house. I’m gonna keep on looking for it until I find it, and then I’ll continue my exercises.”

For the first time in a while, he’s in a joking mood as you can see. There have been no new developments that could require another hospitalization, so I’m sure he’ll do what he should to build up his stamina. He has told me not to make a big fuss about it. He said, “I’ll lace up my bootstraps and wade on through when I’m ready.” The word “feisty” would be an understatement. We can all tell that he’s truly feeling better, and we thank God for that!

As I read each of your messages to him, the smiles on his face are very telling of the joy that you’re bringing. He loves to hear that you’re enjoying his book and his music. Hearing about the fond memories of times that you’ve spent with him really lifts his spirits, too. We sincerely appreciate all of your well wishes and loving prayers.

On February 14th, we’ll be celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary! Since we met twenty-two years ago, we’ve had a great time being on the “merry-go-round” (as he calls it) of Clark’s gigs, and sharing the company of so many incredibly wonderful people. We’re looking forward to many more years together. We’d like for you to celebrate with us, and we hope to see you soon.

The only anniversary gift I’ve requested from him is that we have a photo taken together. When I asked what he would like, he said, “All I want is you, and to stay out of that hospital.”

Please keep the posts coming. They are so healing!

Blessings and love,

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  1. Vernon Bell says:

    Glad to hear things went so well. Yes, we want you around!! Hang in there.
    Love V

  2. Xavier Perez says:

    Great to hear you are at home and healing. Lots of love and healing energy to you and the family. Your music and spirit have given so much to me and others around the world. The world needs more of your energy…keep swanging!

  3. Rick Moffett says:

    Dear Mr. Terry,

    My first, second, and third grade students and I all wish you well in your continued recovery. The kids often request to hear “Mumbles” played in the mornings when we are gathering back together for another day of learning. Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents with all of us!!
    Rick Moffett

  4. Fabian Acuna says:

    Hello Clark!!
    Woohoo! Glad to see you are finally home and in great spirit!! Happy anniversary for the 14th! Gwen and Clark, I wish you only the best of the future to come because there is plenty more of it!!
    Loving the book and putting more inspiration into me to practice and become a better musician and person in general!!

    Best wishes and God Bless,
    Fabian Acuna

  5. Glad to hear you are at home. Hospitals aren’t much fun. I enjoyed reading your book. I was especially impressed with the stories about practicing clarinet exercises.
    Take care of yourself.
    Morris “Nine Lives”

  6. "CuZZy Mo" -aka Cousin Mona says:


    Sending all the best to you both as you celebrate a very special day…Continue the love and laughter, it heals!
    Always, Mona Terry

  7. Michael Coury says:

    Happy anniversary to both of you! Glad to hear that Clark’s doing better. Well wishes from Vancouver.

  8. Cliff McMurray says:

    Hey Clark and Gwen!
    Happy 20th and V. Day from all of us!
    Love “Wheels” and Family