Fundraising Concert for Clark Terry

MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2012 – 7pm

Saint Peter’s Church
619 Lexington Ave, New York, NY
212 935 2200

Gwen Terry, The Duke Ellington Society, International Women in Jazz, Jazz Foundation of America and Saint Peter’s Church – Jazz Ministry are partnering to produce a fundraiser for Clark Terry on Monday, April 23 at 7 PM at Saint Peter’s Church, 619 Lexington Avenue at 54th Street, New York City.

Over 30 musicians will perform for their colleague, Clark Terry, to raise funds to help defray Clark’s medical expenses. Clark Terry plans to appear at the event via Skype.

Suggested donation is $25 at the door.

Checks should be written to Jazz Foundation of America with “Clark Terry account” in the memo line.

Donations can also be sent to: Jazz Foundation of America, 322 W. 48th Street, New York, NY 10036. (212) 245-3999.

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17 Responses to Fundraising Concert for Clark Terry

  1. Chris Nelson says:

    My prayers goes out to the Legendary Clark Terry. Be well, be strong and have a wonderful weekend. One Love, Peace and Much Respects!!!!!

  2. David Demsey says:

    Monday’s fundraiser for Clark was the most awe-inspiring gathering of jazz greats that I have seen or heard in my 20 years in New York City. The list of musicians was just amazing. I believe we had 54 star players there in all, many major names that could have sold out that space by themselves – but they each came to play their part for Clark. I am so honored to have been the emcee for the event! It was surreal to stand in front of that much “heavy” talent, not to mention play my own part on “‘A’ Train” with Clark’s current band. The highlight of the show was a Skype appearance by CT himself, holding forth with Gwen from Arkansas, looking dapper as always with his new goatee.
    This night, coming just after returning home from spending nearly two weeks with CT and Gwen, is an experience I will never forget.

    God bless you, CT!
    David Demsey – aka “Dr. D.D.”

  3. elliot pineiro says:

    Help mr.terry .
    This message is for all those club owners who have made a fortune off his music

  4. elliot pineiro says:

    God bless u mr.terry.
    Tuesday at paris blues in.harlem i am holding s bone marrow drive for a child named luis who needs a transplant.
    2012 adam clayton blvd.121 street 8-12
    I will pray for u.real health reform starts with me caring about you.u have given the world so much.all the clu
    bs u have performed at should step up.theyve made millions off your performances .they should be ashamed of themselves if they dont help.thats why its raining brother.

  5. Uwe Dietmar Bogenreuther says:

    Hello Folks;
    yesterday i was in Augsburg visiting my girlfriend
    and bringing her 80e(euro), so till the 30 th
    of this month i will be relatively broke.Please tell
    me how i can then help Clark.
    Yours sincerely
    Uwe Dietmar Bogenreuther

  6. Boaz Kim says:

    Do we have to buy tickets for the event, or somehow reserve a seat. I would hate to not be able to get in because the church is full. I emailed the church about if there are tickets for this, but no reply just yet…

  7. Okay, Gwen and Clark…I was looking for an excuse to leave Miami once it’s too damned hot anyway and this is as good a reason as I know to come to NYC and St. Peters as I can think of. As I told Junior Mance last night when I called him, I will be there on the 24th, come hell or high water. And listen C,T,, calling God Big Prez may piss off the estate of Lester Young. I thought we learned our lesson when you did Spacemen and the late Mercer Ellington got pissed but hey. you are still one of the brightest, most inspiring men I have ever met so who am I to second guess you…lol??? Incidentally, I am producing jazz concerts again and still losing money at it, as always, which shows I have learned almost nothing from your meticulous tutelege when you schooled me repeatedly a few years back on the subtleties of producing successsful jazz concerts, I am sooooo pleased that at the tender age of 91, you seem to be bouncing back again. This tells me that the Big Prez clearly knows what he is doing. He takes care of hos own and every day, you show us beyond any doubt that you are truly one of the Lord’s anointed angels on earth, and always will be, After all, who else would take in a busted down, dilapidated trial lawyer like me (long live John Hines and Carlos 1, that ridiculous moron!!!) and house him in 2004 and 2005 in New Jersey, just because I got lost near the Holland Tunnel as I escaped south Florida. Also, thank Shortstop for flipping out at precisely the moment I needed “alternative housing” at chateau Terry. Thank God there is a Clark and Gwen. I love both of you more than words can say. Incidentally. Clark, while we’re talking, John Branzer told me yesterday he will learn “Mumbles” if you sing it with the band, either on Skype or live. The fee, of course, will be the usual nothing…fair enough??? All My Love To Both of You, Michael

  8. God Speed, Clark. Wish Jack and I could be there.

    Jack and Pat Yorton (fka Pat Scot)

  9. godfrey e mills says:

    From Pittsburgh: At the Pitt Jazz Seminar, Clark receives his Jazz Fiend award and says from his seat at the frontline, “The Golden Years, they suck!” As I just found out at WGBO about his medicals and amputation, this is one of them. However,I just know he is taking this with his charateristic good humor. Thus I say “May you keep on ‘hanging in and playing on or in other words, if nothing else just keep on singing, Mumbles, if nothing else. If I don’t get to your bash at least I will see you soon again. Also man don’t forget Janice (Robinson), a fellow trombonist of mine, I hear she has stopped playing. Peace.

  10. David Miller says:

    Wish I could be on hand, but 600 miles separate me from the venue. I’m going to contribute anyway.

  11. Keith C. Edwards says:

    We’ll ALL turn out!

  12. Charlie Price says:

    Champagne Charlie here. Thank you, Gwen. It’s thrilling to know that likely I could speak with CT if I were to call at the right time. Cheque going to the address you gave.

  13. Tony Lujan says:

    How do I get involved? Please contact me with some info!
    Thank you
    Tony Lujan

  14. cary kittrell says:

    Two suggestions: the first is that you set up a mechanism which would allow us to donate online.

    Also, the link you give as “Jazz Foundation of America” is broken.

    The best of luck to Clark.