That’s Beautiful!

“Really? Read it again!” That was Clark’s response when I read a list of more than fifty stellar musicians who will perform at a fundraiser to help defray medical expenses for him. The event is on next Monday, April 23rd, 7:00 p.m., at Saint Peter’s Church in Manhattan. The address is 619 Lexington Avenue, New […]

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All The Love

Clark is home! His primary care physician, Dr. Simmie Armstrong, arranged for him to have professional physical therapy for five days a week here at home, along with homecare visits from nurses three times a week. The amputation site on his left leg is healing, and the right one is completely well. He’s experiencing some […]

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Clark’s Surgery and Remembering His Friends

Clark’s surgery was successful! His vascular surgeon, Dr. Heather LeBlanc, was pleased that there were no complications following the amputation of his left leg on Thursday, February 23rd.  After twenty-four hours in the Intensive Care Unit, Clark was transferred to a hospital room on Friday, where he continued to improve and his spirit remained high. […]

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Quitting Is Not An Option!!!

Clark’s doctors are pleased that the amputation site on his right leg is healing very well. We wish that the news about his left leg was as positive. We were all hoping that various therapies would have solved the diabetes-related circulatory deficiencies in his left leg. No one wanted Clark to suffer another amputation, but […]

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Clark Is Home!

When he was released from the hospital, he sang, “Going Home,” all the way through the corridors and he didn’t stop until we were in the car. After being home for a week, some new challenges developed and he had to be readmitted. The next week when things were stabilized, he came home again. He […]

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