Clark Is Coming Home!

He said, “Man! I’m so glad that Big Prez gave me a green light, and I’ll do my best to make it down the next road.” On Thursday afternoon, I met with Dr. Jacqueline Frigon who is the head doctor for the physical rehabilitation wing of the hospital where Clark has been for the past […]

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Happy New Year!

We hope that you enjoyed bringing in 2012! Our celebration included, saying prayers, reminiscing and discussing plans for the future, and listening to some great music. I told Clark some of the latest jokes that I’d heard, and we talked with friends on the phone. Most of all, he enjoyed hearing me read the latest […]

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Full Speed Ahead!

Due to a very bad cold, I haven’t been able to visit Clark at the hospital. We miss seeing each other very much, as you can imagine, but we’re happy to communicate by phone. Even though it’s hard for Clark to hear me on the small handset in his room, we still talk several times […]

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Tribute to Bob Brookmeyer

Clark was very, very saddened when he heard that Bob had passed away. After he gained his composure, he said, “We had a very special friendship. We knew that we loved each other.” He wasn’t able to say much more. So, I’ll refer to his autobiography where he wrote several passages about Bob. Here’s an […]

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Thank You For So Many Blessings!

It was quite a tearful experience for both of us, as I shared the hundreds of prayers and encouraging messages that were posted from Clark’s students, friends, fans, fellow musicians, and family around the world. He said, “Please tell everybody that I love them very, very much. I can’t thank them enough for all of […]

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