Please Pray With Strong Faith

After many serious health challenges recently, Dr. Simmie Armstrong said, “Clark, we saved your finger two years ago, and this time we tried our best to save your leg. I’m so sorry that things didn’t work in our favor again.” When Clark talked with me about the decision that he was facing, he said, “Don’t […]

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Please Continue Your Uplifting Prayers and Messages

We all know how much Clark treasures his students. He wrote in his book (page 2), “… helping young musicians to make their dreams come true. That became my supreme joy and my greatest aspiration.” So, you can imagine how happy he was when I told him that one of his youngest students, trumpeter Josh […]

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Thank You For Sending And Bringing So Much Love!

“Clark said to tell you that he wants to eat some of your cooking. He wants some of those garlic chicken legs.” That was the message that I received from one of his health aides, Marilyn Turner, recently. Clark has moved on from chocolate pudding and other soft foods to a more substantial diet. Of […]

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Please Keep Wishing Him Well

“Chocolate never tasted so good!” That’s what Clark said when Dr. Simmie Armstrong gave him some Jello pudding after “upgrading” his diet to soft foods. As God continues to answer your many prayers and well wishes, Clark is comfortably relocated in the rehabilitation wing, and looking forward to coming home in a few weeks. When […]

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Thank You For Your Powerful Prayers!!!

Clark’s doctor has written orders for him to be transferred to the rehabilitation wing! That’s great news because it’s the first step toward getting him ready to come home for which we are so thankful to God. He was in great spirits tonight – the best that we’ve seen – and more talkative than ever. […]

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