Giving Clark More Spirit!

When one of Clark’s health aides, Camille, came in last night, she said, “What’s happening, C.T.?” He said, “Same old ****.” As always, that was music to our ears. His nurses said that when he fusses, they know that he’s hanging in there. While I was with him yesterday, I shared the latest entries in […]

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Keep The Faith!

Last night at the hospital, Clark had two out-of-town visitors to cheer him on – Celine Peterson (Oscar Peterson’s daughter and Clark’s Goddaughter), and Josh Shpak (one of Clark’s trumpet students who is a freshman at Berklee). Celine traveled from Canada and Josh flew in from Boston. Quincy Cavers (one of Clark’s saxophone students at […]

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Your Love Is Lifting Him!

I’m happy to say that Clark is doing better! Although his voice was hoarse, he was singing “Mumbles” yesterday morning. It reminded me of the time when his voice was quite raspy, about fifteen years ago. He performed an on-the-spot-original tune which he named, “Whispering the Blues.” With the supervision of Clark’s primary doctor, Simmie […]

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Getting Well So I Can “Keep On Keepin’ On”

Just wanted you all to know that I’ve been in the hospital for a few days, battling some more health challenges. Yes, it’s a drag, but I’m remembering one of Duke Ellington’s principles, which was a favorite of mine. “There are two rules of life. Rule number one is ‘Never quit.’ And rule number two […]

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Tribute to Frank Foster

This is just a small taste of the great appreciation and love that I have for Frank Foster, whom I’ve called “Flankson.” And, also, a “Keep on keepin’ on” to his lovely wife, Cecelia. My heart was so heavy when I learned of his passing. I can’t remember when Flankson and I first met, but […]

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