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j.gavin mahoney
04/14/2014 @ 5:04 pm

El Gato

Frank McCaskill
04/13/2014 @ 1:50 pm

Mr. Clark I have been thinking about you lately and I hope you are doing well…I was listening today to my Clark after Dark album and words can not say enough about this album it is simply superb and your playing is just amazing, the way you make your instrument speak. You Sir are a diamond, a precious jewel with no equal. Wow, thank you for this album and your music!

Michael Miller
04/10/2014 @ 8:10 am

Dear Clark,

Just wanted to tell you how much I’m looking forward to seeing you on the big-screen on April 19th at the Tribeca Film Festival! It must feel awesome to you to know that the film about your life – “Keep on Keepin’ On” – is finally making its debut! As you know, New York City is not my favorite place…but, for you, Clark, I will be there — especially since, in my mind, I’ve renamed it “New York CT”!

Sending you oodles (and doodles) of love,

Michael :-)

Hey Clark,

I’m a (sadly now ex-) trumpet player from the UK who’s long been a great admirer of you and your playing. I’m very sorry to learn that you’re not well these days but also glad (and not really surprised) that underneath that frailty you still have a vitality and zest for life which would put some people half your age to shame!

I was playing at a jazz festival many years ago and came across a CD for sale called ‘The Power of Positive Swinging’. I had no idea who you were at the time but this was during a period when my tastes were starting to change from my traditional roots in jazz to appreciate more mainstream sounds, and the blurb on the CD sleeve seemed to chime with what I was trying to learn in terms of embracing a more modern style of jazz. Needless to say, I was hooked on my first listen to it.

There are thousands of amazing world-class jazz musicians out there but to me there are very few who have a sound and style which can truly be described as unique and instantly recognisable, and yours is definitely one of them. Back in the days when I was still playing I often tried to emulate other players whom I admired in order to improve my own playing. This I could do to some extent but I could never, ever get even close trying to sound like Clark Terry, primarily because I never had your amazing technique but also because I just couldn’t get that ‘sound’; that amazingly lyrical phrasing and sometimes soulful tone. I gave up on this pretty quickly and had to be content with ‘just’ sitting back and listening to a master at work.
Something else I’ve always loved about your playing is the humour which comes shining through by way of cheeky quotes here and there, and also that listening to you play just makes me smile – it makes me happy.

I had the great pleasure of seeing you play at The Royal Albert Hall in London when you were already in your early 80s and though you were helped onto the stage and to your seat, once you were settled and started playing I was absolutely astounded that you still sounded as you had 30-odd years previously, and the joyfulness which came through your music was as palpable as ever.

I know I’m not alone in my admiration, and it’s very gratifying to see that you still have visitors and still find the energy to pass on your experience and wisdom to those who are starting out on their own jazz journeys.
God bless you, Clark, and thank you for the pleasure you have given me, and my you enjoy many more years of being ‘an old fart’.

Antony Cox, London UK

Michael and Zoe Johnston
03/22/2014 @ 3:12 am

Dear Clark and Gwen,

I just woke up thinking about you two. I’ll be playing for you today. Keep on keepin’ on! We love you madly!!

Just checking in with Mr. Terry…and hoping this finds him well. God Bless!

I wanted to just drop by again to say hello and continue to wish good things you, Gwen, and your friends and family’s way. Beyond being a national treasure, artist, and teacher… You’re such a splendid and compassionate man. Even now, you continue to teach and mentor others. You are cherished and loved by so many and help us be better people for it. It’s cats like you that keep the glue of humanity together. I continue to embrace this because of men like you that have set the example for us to follow. It doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in, or what religion or what you believe in… It’s our duty to love and care for others. You have more than accomplished that goal my friend! Love you and thanks for allowing me to continue to think of you so fondly. Eddy C.

I only met you once, at Kansas State University around 1980-1982. Your music and your caring personality in teaching have brought joy to many people. Thanks for your dedication to young people and jazz education. I played the video of you doing Mumbles from the Legends of Jazz for my 7/8th graders today. They were a little bewildered at first but started laughing at your ability to tell a story with your inflections and facial expressions. I laughed just as hard as I did the first time I heard you perform it. God Bless You!!!


I have fond memories of having lunch with you at my uncle, Keith Ecker’s home in Elkhart, IN many years ago. At the time, he was with Selmer. It was in the summer of either 1961 or 62 as I can best tell. I know it was summer because Keith grilled ribeye steaks outside on an early hibachi.

Unfortunately, I do not play anymore, but I have a huge appetite for music, particularly bebop trumpet. I spend a great deal of time listening to your music as well as work by Dizzy Gillespie, Don Goldie, Miles Davis, Red Rodney, and the Candoli brothers, amongst others. I have recently come to realize just how good you are and am in the process of acquiring as much of your material as I can find on vinyl. You very well may be the best jazz trumpeter of all times. Sachmo and Miles had greater popular appeal, but that doesn’t mean they were the best.

The picture you inscribed for me, has survived three marriages and probably 50 over the the past fifty some years and still hangs over my stereo equipment cabinet in my Boca Raton, FL home. I hope that adequately conveys your importance to me.

With love and peace,

Jerry Ecker

I just broke up with my girlfriend and am feeling sad. I put on your CD with Bob Brookmeyer and it is soothing me and helping me get through this hard time. Thank you for all the beautiful music you have given to the world.

Brothers in Music!

Meredith Campbell
02/16/2014 @ 11:29 am

Mr. Terry, My name is Meredith, and I recently saw the documentary “Keep on Keepin’ on” at the Boulder Film Festival. Wow! What an inspiration you are — An incredible story of an amazing musician and his student. I was overcome with emotion watching the film, and it reminded me to pull my violin out a little more often. God Bless You, and thank you for everything you do for the music community.

Best Regards, Meredith (Boulder, CO)

Mike and Susan Mannecke
02/14/2014 @ 1:40 pm

Hi Clark! We so enjoyed meeting you and getting our picture taken with you after a concert you played in Farmington, MO on St. Patrick’s Day, 1995. We loved your performance! You are a kind hearted, talented man! Thank you for sharing your talent and love of music with us all of these years.
Mike and Susan

Francisco Leal
02/13/2014 @ 9:07 am

Thanks for your decades of amazing music, Mr. Terry… and for your sense of humor! :DD.

Mil gracias por todo lo que ha hecho por la música y los músicos!

02/9/2014 @ 5:27 pm

God Bless you and your wonderful music. I truly enjoy listening.

Joanne Nottingham
02/9/2014 @ 3:01 pm

Hi Clark! I thought you might like to listen to something from way, way back. It’s the Freeport (Long Island) High School Prom that you played with Daddy and others in 1962.
I was 13 then! Where does the time go? I trust you are hangin’ in there like the Mr. Smooth you’ve always been. Happy Anniversary (a little early) to you and Gwen!! Love, Joanne