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"CuZZy Mo" -aka Cousin Mona
08/29/2014 @ 10:29 am

Dearest Clark and Gwen:
Thinking of you both today and sending my very best. You are cherished and loved by oh, so many!
Always, Cuzzy Mona

seen you a few times over the years, you ARE the master!!

Just checking in Mr. Terry and sending lots of love and best wishes your way. Just saw the movie trailer for “Keep on Keepin’ On”….CANNOT wait until I see it. God Bless! :)


Cindy Schlicht
08/14/2014 @ 6:12 am

I have just skimmed through this website. You and I have a friend in common–Mr. Smooth Irv Williams who will be 95 this Sunday and still playing just like you are…Amazing! Thanks so much for who you are and for sharing your talents with the world.

Nick Morrison
08/13/2014 @ 2:09 am

Hi C.T.
This is Nick the bass player from the William Paterson group with Hicks and Justin. I am just writing to say hello and I hope you are feeling well. I am so happy and excited for you guys about the film. I can’t wait to see it! I am forever grateful to you for all the time you spent teaching and playing with us. I miss those days! You are an inspiration!!!
Always keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

Today, 8/5/14, I have found your home address in Arkansas on your website. Though it’s not a donation, a gift from Africa intended for you has been sent to me here in Texas by mistake (we share the same first & last names). So now I have an address to which to send on your gift, which I will do ASAP. I hope it finds you in tolerable health. Play on!

Charles Stockwell
08/2/2014 @ 3:56 pm

I’m 85 and followed you from early on. Till today. Grew up with Oscar Peterson jazz playing in Montreal. My two favorites of all-time are Duke Ellington and you. Thank you, thank you for your contribution to Jazz.
It has been marvelous !

Clark: My wife and I met you at Jazz at Jennings one summer at Peter Jennings home (which incidentally was a house that I built for Peter). We enjoyed the evening of jazz under the tent made all the more perfect with your playing.

Last night we went to see a showing of the “Keep On Moving On” documentary at the Hamptons International Film Festival. A beautiful film and story of your life. We were so moved by your story and continued quest as a master mentor of musicians. You and Gwen are an inspiration! Sincerely, Jim Schwartz

Love you, Clark. We met at the Jazz Workshop in Boston in the 60s. We were a group of Boston Symphony musicians who are great fans of yours.
You are a great educator. Your music is timeless.

Just saw “keep on Keepin on” tonight at the Hamptons film festival followed by a discussion with the director, Al Hicks. Amazing, touching story! Mentoring young musicians because it’s the right thing to do and share your gift! God bless you and Gwen! I wish more people had your view of passing your gift on!

I’m an elementary school teacher and I do what I can to reach all students. Thank you again and may God watch over you both!

Brendan Eckert
07/17/2014 @ 4:47 pm

Mr. Terry,
As a fellow St. Louisan, I’d just like to say I’m proud of the impact you’ve had on the world and on jazz music; I’m a fellow jazz musician myself and your music brings much joy to me. Thank you, thank you for your lifetime of amazing music.

René van Beeck
07/3/2014 @ 6:36 pm

Dear Mr Terry, I truly enjoy listening to your music for many years. I wish you all the best from Holland!

Dear Mr. Terry,
Yesterday was my birthday and one of my bestest of friends gave me a signed and framed photograph of you. The one where you’re wearing a very hip double breasted jacket and you’re holding a trumpet in one hand and a flugel in the other. I’m 60 and this has to be one of my favourite gifts ever.
May you keep on keepin’ on!
Greg Bush

Michael Szczygiel
06/2/2014 @ 8:24 pm

Mr. Terry,
My mentor was Wayne Ruppenthal, who introduced me to your music in 1965. I worked for Jess Cole and Arch Martin when I was in high school. The last time I saw Rupe was on October 21, 1995 when you performed in KC. That was the day I buried my Dad. I found great comfort in your music and my friendship with Rupe. Although I am only an amateur trumpet player, I have been playing for 53 years. I listen to your music almost every day and take great solace from your spirit. God bless, Mike Szczygiel (Segal)

Hi Clark,

I was thinking about the time that we were hanging out after one of your clinics at the Clark Terry Jazz Festival in Pine Bluff. You needed to get out to the car, so Danny Loretz and I literally picked you up in your office chair and carried you down the stairs behind the University so that you could catch your ride. You commented on how you were being treated like a King. Anyway, I hope that You & Gwen are doing well… God Bless You!
With Love – Craig Grubbs – Trombone – Jazz Xtreme Big Band

Laith Sawalha
05/24/2014 @ 8:17 am

Hi there, Mr. and Mrs. Terry! Hope you both are doing amazing! Just wanna say you have been inspiring for me in terms of playing the trumpet, Mr. Clark Terry. I also wanna say how happy I am for you to be alive in my generation right now and I wish the best of luck and health for you and your wife

For Clark. From my website (BBC) Play 1 week.
Click bij Clark Terry on my website.
All the best,
Hans Bebop The Netherlands.

Carlo Madden
05/7/2014 @ 5:12 pm

Hi Gwen and Clark.
You won’t know me but I have admired Mr Terry’s trumpet playing for many years, particularly the Flugel Horn playing. I had the great pleasure to hear Mr. Terry live at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh many years ago and it fulfilled a wish to hear a trumpet player I have admired for many years. All the great musicians whether they be players or composers, or both, express something special when they play or compose. Mr. Terry ranks with the most special in this respect and will never be forgotten. Thank you for the great music , improvised and composed, and thank God, sorry, Big Prez, for giving us Clark Terry. We all need roll models who inspire us. Your incredible devotion to teaching young people and the trials and tribulations with health show us how we should all behave.
Kindest regards,
Carlo (Trumpet player)

Dear Gwen and Clark,
I’m Dario, italian jazz drummer who recorded with Clark in Italy on 1996 and 1998 after playing with him in some italian jazz festivals.
Now I’m writing both of you to tell you my next new CD about. It is a personal gift to Clark from me and my quintet. A CD recorded “LIVE” last March 28, 2014 in which I called Stjepko Gut to play all Clark’s tunes. We played TEE PEE TIME – TOP & BOTTOM – BUCKS BUSINESS – ARGENTIA – BRUSHES & BRASS – SIMPLE WALTZ … … The CD will be available next July and both me and Stjepko love to send a copy to Clark to listen to it. Please, Gwen, I ask you the best way to send you this wonderful gift for Clark who I love very very much.
Love both of you from … …
Dario – Italy