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Mr. Al Adolph made a donation to support Monterey Jazz Festival’s youth jazz education program in memory of Mr. Clark Terry.

Mr. Terry was an exceptional man. I used to play the trumpet, and he was someone I followed. I knew someone who knew mr terry, and obtained his phone number. I called him on his birthday, just to say happy birthday. After he answered the phone, he asked “what do you want?” I told him I didn’t want to bother him, just wish him the best on his day. I went to hang up, and he said, “hold on”, and started up a conversation with me. Like I was some one special. Which I’m not. We talked not just for the twenty seconds I asked for, but for over an hour. It was a memory I’ll never forget. We talked several other times, all on his birthday. He was some one I’ll never forget.

Big up 4 Clark Terry .. Big artist

Hi. First I must admit, that I only recently learned about Mr. Terry by watching his movie, Keep On Keeping On. I was so amazed by his talent, will to fight, and generosity of sharing his gift so well, that I immediately started learning more. I was saddened to see we lost CT to this world, but know his legacy will live on forever in those he has touched. I for one will share what I have learned from my introduction and deal with life’s challenges a little better based on his spirit. My thoughts and prayers to all affected with missing CT.

One of my earliest influences, Clark Terry always played like he was having such fun. A truly original player and singer. Gonna miss you, man!

i love your work Mr Terry god bless you and give you good health

To my godfather, my “second daddy”, to one of the most loving, joyful, loyal, people that has ever been in my life….miss you–hope you and James are playing duets somewhere wonderful, peaceful, and that you are together.
Annie aka your little dancing girl
think of you all the time…

You can’t listen to CT on “Satin Doll” and not get a tear in your eye. We will love you forever Clark Terry, beautiful person and American genius.

Terry’s Voice is one of the most original Jazz voices. I love his music, great site!

Anthony Stevens
03/10/2015 @ 8:56 am

To the family of Mr. Clark Terry,
May the Divine Creator bless you in this, your time of sorrow and loss. Live on with the pride of knowing that he touched the lives of so many people, myself included.

Mr. Clark Terry,
You have influenced GENERATIONS of musicians with your impeccable musicianship and indomitable spirit!! Thank you for making me laugh AND cry with your wonderful playing. Rest in peace, Great Spirit.

Your music and mentoring directly influenced a generation. By creating music that will stand the test of time, you will affect the lives of generations to come.

Leandro C. Maranan
03/6/2015 @ 8:31 am

I am one of the millions of people that was touched by the great Master, Clark Terry ! I can never forget when he attended my piano recital……….was really honored by the Master’s presence. A million Thanks ! He will always be my heart and prayers, Gwen

Daniel Trock
03/5/2015 @ 7:06 pm

I have listened to his music for over 40 years. A beautiful musician and a true gentleman. He will be missed.

Andrew Campbell
03/5/2015 @ 3:22 am

A marvelous innings Mr Terry bringing joy and giving inspiration . I knew your music before I knew your name . Now I often say ” That’s Clark Terry “.

Something that is special in Clark’s discography is on the recording CARNAVALS with Dave Pike playing compositions of Joao Donato . Clark’s playing is just lovely and like I think so much of his earlier music , quite timeless .

This old world , bewildered as it is these days is nevertheless better for the life and legacy of Clark Terry .

Marion Groves
03/4/2015 @ 7:51 am

I had the incredible pleasure of spontaneously dropping in at the Columns in Hyannis MA many years ago and to my surprise, pleasure and delight sat at a small round table next to Clark Terry and quartet. I will always remember his smile, his open friendliness, having him play his trumpet right in my ear during a beautiful ballad and realizing that “masters” of jazz and humanity live on the planet. My heart still warms and expands remembering that experience. Clark Rerry’s music, energy and love lives today. Generations to come are blessed with the legacy that remains.

I have been a fan of CT for many years and have many of his recordings. I wish I could have met him in person. May he continue jammin’ in heaven. RIP CT. ~iii<()