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Clark- I want to thank you for all the years I have listened to your beuutifal playing which I have enjoyed, studied and learned so much from! Your gift has been so well shared with millions over the years. Thank you for the inspiration you’ve given and the high standards you set for your performance. As a child growing up learning from listening to the greats of jazz, blues and the classics, I was a student of your playing even without meeting you. I am certain you have touched far more ears and lives than you’ll ever know. May God continue to bless you and your family!! David Longoria

Fernando Porto
10/12/2015 @ 9:55 pm

Best musician ever . Great leadership lessons . Looking foward to read the book .
Helped so many and will be with us forever through all those who were close and learned from him .
Greetings from Brazil !

The Carondelet Community Betterment Federation is proud to announce that the next mural to be installed along S. Broadway will honor favorite son Clark Terry. For details on progress and information on the dedication ceremony scheduled for sometime in November please follow @CarondeletLivin on twitter.

I was so moved with the passion Clark Terry brought to all of us through his music, and love and support for fellow musicians.
The impact he has made will live in our hearts forever.
God Bless You CT.

A great musician but, first of all, a great human being. Music lover but, before that, a lover of life and people

Samantha Cattell
05/24/2015 @ 10:17 pm

Just want to say that I recently watched Keep on Keepin On and was so moved by Mr. Clark Terry’s capacity for joy and love, nurturing and desire to share his talent with others. So sad to hear of his passing this year. I watched the documentary with my brother who has had a deep love for jazz beginning in his college days in Chicago. He had the privilege of seeing Clark Terry live. Thank you Mr. Terry for your contribution to music education and music history.

A kind and loving soul and a beautiful musician.

Jack Johnson
05/7/2015 @ 12:09 pm

Thank You For The Real Music Mr. CT.