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All the best to you as you celebrate another year. Thank you for all the great music you have so enriched the world with throughout the year.

Kind regards,
Nav Jhaj
Chicago, IL

Hey Brother T

Happy 91 …. hang in there and stay strong … I’ve got the light around you …

Hugs …. Guillermo … Willie Thomas

Richard Ginell
12/9/2011 @ 6:45 pm

Happy 91st birthday, Clark! Your joyous horn has been in my ears and senses for many a year, and may there be many, many more.

Clark you have no equal as a musician and educator.
When I am asked by my jazz students “Who should I listen to?” You are at the top of the list! Wishing you a speedy recovery.
-Dave Hosley

Hello Clark, I wish you well and speedy recovery. I was fortunate enough to have you as a guest artist at Eastern Ky. Univ. Unfortunately that was when you were diagnosed with diabetes, around 1967. The highlight of that trip, I think, was you became a “KENTUCKY COLONEL.”
Also, I’m a neighbor of Bob Montgomery and he shares with me your news and jokes.

Best Regards, Dick Foust

All the best to you! We cherish the time you spent playing and teaching at Stanford Jazz Workshop. I smile just remembering the duet that you and Louie Bellson played for the jazz camp. You have been an inspiration to generations. Thanks for the music!
thinking of you with love,
Jim Nadel

Thinking about you…Dan

Fateen O. Hakeem
12/9/2011 @ 6:35 pm

G’D Peace and Blessing be opon You

Penny Tyler, Chicago Jazz & Ravinia Jazz Festival
12/9/2011 @ 6:27 pm

Wishing you the very best at such a difficult time.
We all love you and will have you in our prayers. Ruby Rogers says hello and loves you madly along with all of your Chicago admirers.
Your contributions to the music I love are the finest….many a night I have listened to your work, it rests my soul and alway will.
Our hearts are with you.

Dear Clark, I met you at the 1973 NY Brass Conference, where you were kind enough to answer a 13 year olds’ questions about the Jolly Giants album he’d heard the previous night on radio. I was amazed that a world famous jazzer would even talk to a trombone-playing kid from Staten Island. Later I got to play with you at the Village Gate’s tribute to Kai Winding. Thank you for all the inspiration and music you have shared over the years. Get better soon.

Much love,

Randy Andos

Hello Clark,

The tours and concerts plus the CD recordings “Two For The Show” (duets with you and I) and “Three To Get Ready” with you, Bud Shank and myself are very special and close to my heart. God Bless you! My wife Kim and I have you in our daily prayers for a quick recovery.

Your stellar reputation…from uptown at Showman’s all the way downtown to the belly dance band at Lafayette Grill! Sending lots of love…now get well in a New York minute!

Just had to stop by and wish you well and thank you for the great songs you have produced.Again i wish you well and you will be kepted in my prayers.

Mr. Terry,

Happy Birthday and speedy recovery. Hope you’re enjoying all the love coming back at you. Even a lightweight jazz fan, such as I, stops, comes to attention and salutes. Oh, I could bore you with a tribute to your core position as a central figure in the jazz lineage, a guide and inspiration to many, a jazz ambassador, but look at all the messages you’re getting. That’s more than fans; that’s family. All the best.

Dear Clark,
Love from belgium! For ever and ever totally crazy about your musical voice and personality, that has been of such a big importance for my own..
Without you I’d never be enjoying live and music as much, thanks infinitely!
I wish you fast recovery and lot’s of joy!

bert Joris

Sending lots of love and big wishes for a speedy recovery, Mr. Mumbles. Thank you SO much for your great big heart and all the great music. Keep it coming! Love and hugs, Ellen P.

Hello my friend,
I just wrote to wish you well and as many smiles as I can muster. In the early 70’s I was lucky to see you perform at the Dinkler in Syracuse NY,maybe with Oscar peterson.Your music made me smile and it was there that I learned the power of swing. Your music was EGL. That means “everyone gets laid”. The reference to a musician’s ability to separate the distance between the band and the audience. When that gap os closed as you know it is quite a thrill for the players and audiences alike. Fans go home feeling good and then, they come back. That is the effect your music has . Best of luck to you my friend and …..thanks for the music……Skip Murphy

Bless you for all the pleasure that you have given so many for so long. Take care and know that you are in our thoughts. I’m lookin’ forward to coming to NYC to see you perform again!


We will always love the joy that you’ve given us through your music. No stopping now baby, you’re on a roll! Speedy recovery Mr. Mumbles. Our prayers are with you.

Best regards,

Ron Aprea

mari toussaint
12/9/2011 @ 5:53 pm

No one else can mumble with such clarity.
Thank you so much for all that you are to this music.
Keep swingin’ my brother.
Love, appreciation and affection.