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Sondra Walker
09/16/2012 @ 12:12 pm

We’re so happy you’re still loving life and enjoying your music with ur friends. We were thinking of you and playing some of ur music at our club meeting last nite. You’re in our prayers and we send our Love.
Monroe Banks and the Atlanta Jazz Listeners


Marcelo Trifin
09/10/2012 @ 8:33 am

Clark, só passei para dizer um Muito Obrigado!

happy birthday and thanks for all that great, great music. i’m going to play some of your sides on my radio show tomorrow for sure. thanks again mr. terry.

Anne Hendrickson
09/2/2012 @ 2:41 am

Thank you Clark, for all the amazing music and your wonderful spirit. The world is a better place with you in it, so I continue to pray to “Big Prez” to keep you healthy, happy, with us in these troubled times. I met and played for you on the SS Norway jazz cruise many years ago–a big highlight of my life, for sure! Keep on keepin’ on, Clark.

Dear Gwen and Clark,

THANK YOU!!!!! I loved meeting you both and every minute of our trip to your home!!!! I so loved watching and hearing the boys throughout all those late night sessions! Absolutely amazing! Clark is the sweetest, nicest, most amazing person! And, Gwen, you are too!!! I’m blessed to have met my dear friend and mentor (even for me and Chase), Michael Miller and his mentees Josh and Noah. They have helped lead me to you! Chase, more than anything, said his trip with you was the most memorable and best thing he has done this summer!!! Love you much!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Love and lots of hugs! Cindy and Chase Morrin

Michael Miller
08/26/2012 @ 9:54 pm

What a beautiful visit we just had with two very beautiful people. Clark & Gwen, thank you so very much for, once again, welcoming us into your home and sharing your love, laughter and amazing wisdom. Clark, your nearly-all-night, every-night lessons with Josh, Noah and Chase were like nothing else anyone else on this earth could ever provide. You are a one-of-a-kind gem who we are so hugely fortunate to know and love. Thank you again, Gwen & Clark, for EVERYTHING!

Much love from The California Trio…

Josh Shpak, Noah Shpak & Michael Miller

Michael Miller
08/19/2012 @ 6:24 am

Dear Clark,

Just sending you an early-morning extra-large dose of a whole lotta yabba-dabba-doodling love!

The “California Trio” is so looking forward to seeing you and Gwen this week!!!

Love more,

Michael, Josh & Noah :-) :-) :-)

Dear Clark, I am a Clarinet and Sax player but you are my all time FAVOURITE trumpet man – like Oscar Peterson you just seem to have developed a limitless technique that enables you to play anything that comes into your head and even on a slow ballad but in particular on up-tempo tunes you give off so much feeling of joy and happiness.
One of my favourite tunes of yours is “Chuckles” that you recorded on an Oscar Pettiford LP that I have since bought on CD. And now I have just received my copy of TerryTunes and am thrilled to see it is included.
I was living in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand in 1975 and Russ and Gina Garcia [whom I had befriended whilst sailing in the Pacific] took me down to Auckland for a concert with Wild Bill Davidson, Bobby Hackett and your good self – Russ introduced me to you after the concert and I haven’t washed my right hand since shaking hands with you – I would like to think my playing is the better for it!!?? Clark I know you are not in the best of health but you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have brought so much joy to so many of us with your music and your charm, I wish you peace and love.
Now I’m off to try some “doodle tonguing” !!
Mike McKeon, Melbourne Australia.

Randy McMillan
08/11/2012 @ 11:02 am

Keep on Keepin’ on! I am really excited about the Terry Tunes Book, and I can’t wait to get mine. I am always so amazed every time I read the guestbook on your page. To see that you impacted so many people the same way you impacted me. I met you several times at your CT jazz camp in le mars Iowa in the 90’s and you were not only an amzing performer but the best teacher I have ever seen. You inpire all around you! The time you spent talking to those kids changed lives! I try to pass those lessons I learned and passion for jazz education on to my students now. What a great place the world would be if each student could have an influence like you in their life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Randy McMillan

Dear Clark,
I’m writing to you hoping your wife Gwen read to you my message… Every day I pry for you and for your healt and I’m happy to know of progress of your healt after your last problems. Every day I remember our recording sessions in 1996 and 1998 and our concerts together in Italy and last but not least our meeting in Milan at Blue Note in january 2005…. You have been a great techer for me. Teacher in music, teacher in life… My most important example on stage and out from it. God bless you everyday, my dear Clark !!
Dario Cellamaro – Italy

Mike and Zoe Johnston
08/9/2012 @ 11:08 pm

Dear Clark and Gwen,

It’s truly incredible how you continue to enrich the lives of countless people all over the globe. No doubt Big Prez is thrilled. Your energy runs through me every day and I’m so thankful that my parents understood the power of your message enough to share it with me.

Zoe and I love you very much and think about you all the time. We were just talking today about how we never saw Rich Matteson any happier than when he was on stage playing with you at the University of North Florida. His grin was truly from ear to ear!

You were so great to me at Emporia (kicked my tail to get me to mean what I played on “Just Squeeze Me” then invited me to hang with you and Moody…what a thrill!) and you treated my parents like old friends. They still talk about how special you made them feel. You convinced Zoe to overcome her fear and play her first improvised solo on “Potato Head Blues” and treated her beautifully while she shuttled you around Jacksonville. At the ITG in Richmond, you made me share your sandwich (since you knew I hadn’t eaten) and you made me feel really special when you had me try all those exhibit horns behind closed doors for YOU! You were right about that amazing echo cornet… I wish I had been able to buy it!

We miss being around you and hope to come see you soon. We pray for all your dreams and desires to come true. You deserve it!

Best wishes and all our love to you and Gwen,
Mike and Zoe Johnston

Cliff Jetton
08/9/2012 @ 7:06 pm

Mr. Terry – It’s great to read of your progress on the blog. Hearing about people like Quincy Jones and Snoop Dogg dropping by are great. I’m reading your bio, and I think I read 3 or 4 times over the section where you and Doc Severinsen meet – right here in Portland, OR where I live! Blew my mind.

Rodman Bostick
08/8/2012 @ 5:29 pm

Hello Mr.Terry, I remember you always made time to take photos with me and give me some knowledge about playing trumpet. Your humor,wisdom and about all your beautiful sound has always inspired me. GOD bless you always.

David Champouillon
08/8/2012 @ 2:08 pm

Hello to Mr. Terry from pianist Lenore Raphael and myself. I had read everything I could get my hands on, purchase recently re-released CD’s to add to my CT collection, and recently bought your biography. An avid exercise bike rider (40 minutes a day) I took the book to read while on the bike every day. Read it the first day, couldn’t put it down and finished it that day. From all of us that are grateful, I hope you are having a better day if not good.

Hey, CT!!!
Just wanted to pop in and let you know that you’re always in my thoughts and prayers. What an inspiration you’ve been to me!
Blessings Galore to you and Gwen.
John 13:35
Tee Pee

Mr. Terry, Your music is so inspirational and enjoyable. I became a fan after I recieved your More album from a family member years ago and haven’t stopped listening. So much heart and soul. Thank you for your playing for all of us for so many years and I hope you are well and know how much you are loved by so many.

Sillie Maneje
07/26/2012 @ 6:23 pm

Your huge foot-print is growing in South Africa. Warmest regards.

Hey Big Chief,
I just wanted to send a GIGANTIC HUG laced with HEARTFELT love and gratitude ’cause not only did you make me a better musician,but through your words of wisdom,encouragement,advice and joyful humor you truly made me a better MAN!!!!!
You are…and always will be… MY “BIG PREZ”

Girish Trivedi
07/18/2012 @ 1:46 pm

Hello Dear Clark & Gwen:

Greatly enjoyed your hard-hitting, no holds barred book with
sprinklings of humor.

From depressing poverty and a will and determination to succeed, you have become a Super Star in this tough world
of Jazz.

Since the first time I met you 47 years ago, you have been
my favourit trumpet/flugelhorn player.

Your beautiful tone, (MELIFLOUS on the Flg. Horn), even dynamics in all registers, well conceived and superbly
executed solos are the hallmarks of C.T – and you shine out like a brilliant star.

Since the writing of the book, I hope you have been able to locate your friend Shitty.

With loads of warm wishes and love to you and Gwen,


Girish Trivedi