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Clark (CT)

My memories of you start with being privileged to hear you play in NY and then hear you on the original Tonight Show. Wow, I was blown away by the texture and quality of your sound.

This minor setback that you have now will only be temporary. You will be on stage in no time blaring away.

Please stay positive and keep practicing. You are blessed with so many friends and fans. You are loved.

Joy Rothschild
12/9/2011 @ 4:10 pm

Dearest Mr. Terry,
You are an inspiration, not only in your musicianship but in your attitude! Sending you wishes for serenity, peace, good vibes and enjoy the music playing in you head!!!

I have always admired Mr. Terry Clark. The man make everything he does look easy and does it with the upmost class.

Good luck on your recovery and upcoming 91st birthday.

Best regards, B

Jerry Benedict
12/9/2011 @ 4:06 pm

Mr Terry: Thinking of you out here in Missouri. Sending all my good vibes your way for a quick recovery. I want to see you again at the Vanguard pouring wine in one ear and spitting it out into the glass…while the band plays on! Just listening to your music makes me smile.

Carl Saunders
12/9/2011 @ 4:06 pm

Clark.. You be the man.. Such an inspiration to all of us. My mom used to wake me up for school with your solos.. She had very good taste and now I do partly because of hearing you at a very young age.. For my money you have put more soul through a horn than anyone. Thank you Clark.
Heal quickly.. Carl Saunders

We wish you the best for the future, like Rashan Roland Kirk might have said, just because you lose part of yourself, doesn’t mean the music stops. You are a true icon of jazz.

Larry D Harris
12/9/2011 @ 4:05 pm

Happy Birthday & praying for a speedy recovery . I have been listing to your music for 45 years , have seen you 3 times . I worked on ships (Seaman) and took your music with me all over the world . Thanks

Dearest Clark Terry,

Here’s many loving thoughts to you, and a big, huge thanks for your incredible contributions as a musician, humanist and life-inspiration to not only Miles Davis, but also the rest of us mere mortals. Your accomplishments in the face of the kind of resistance your times would have given you are truly amazing, but more than that, you’ve helped spread beauty and hope to so many people on this planet not only through your music, but also through your humor and personality. I wish you, your wife and your family all the best in these challenging times for your health, and please take comfort in the fact that you have countless fans that pray for your health and return to normalcy and the comforts of home as soon as possible. Much Love – Anders Chan-Tidemann

Best to you Clark for continued good spirits and health. Thanks for many years of great music. I think of your sound as the most unique. Keep on Mumbling. I will always listen to your music.

Ed Nelson (aka Dr. Moto)

Dear Clark, Sending swingin’ best healing wishes for you! Get better, mumbles!

From Colombia

So sorry to hear of your health challenges but everything will look up now because your doctors are taking such good care of you! There are many more triumphs ahead for you! As a singer, I appeared on several jazz festivals as a singer with my group when you were headlining various festivals back in the late-sixties. Then, I became a studio singer in the mid-1970s and got off the road. That ended up being my career. Good one. I also have always been a voice coach. I’ve loved your playing all these many years. All blessings to you and Gwen. And have a blessed holiday season and fabulous New Year. What memories!


You are an international treasure. I appreciate your wisdom, manifest in every note from your horn and word that from your lips. Even the mumbles!

Rest up and recover soon.
Tom Elliott
bassist, author
San Francisco

This is a Big green white and red note from Siena and one of the founders of Siena Jazz, Vincenzo Vanni in Italia, just wishing you smooth sailing, your own natural gumption, and a great performance on your birthday and every sweetsinging night after..We’re lucky as musicians (I’m the singer..) that we can move the whole world with just our voices whether straight up or through a bit of metal or wood..So we are wishing you a sweet dance with your sweetheart and looking forward to you moving this big ol’ world to dance a little sweeter as well, what you’ve always done.
Thanks for the music you give, grazie tanto ed auguri a Lei e la famiglia Sua,
Vincenzo Vanni
a founder of the Siena Jazz Foundation and Le Carrozze Records
and G Si (Gabrielle Sido Islwyn) one of those singer types..

Clark, my dad (a Chicago musician himself) made me aware of you from the time I was alive. I became of fan of your’s immdeiately. Through the years we had occasion to meet each other, through mutual friends. Your gracious kindnesses, each and every time I have been in your presence, continues to inspire and awe me at the same time. I am holding the most peaceful thoughts of you I can conjur, as I write this.

Thank you for your magnificent life.


I forgot to mention that my mom is 102 years of age and still going strong and living on her own……..
so you got plenty more in you.

Hi Clark,
I don’t know where to start to write because I think we have been friends since the late forties. I think I will start by reminding you about when we were together on one of the panels on the Jazz Cruises And somebody in the audience would ask me about Terry Pollard And I said that I told Terry that if she would have married me she would have been Terry Gibbs. Then you would jump in and say “that if she married you that she would be Terry Terry.”
I don’t want to forget to wish you a very Happy Birthday and keep up that great Clark Terry attitude
Now before I write a book let me close by telling you that I love you and hope that better days are coming.
Terry Gibbs

Carl Querfurth
12/9/2011 @ 3:51 pm

Dear Mr. Terry, I’m sad to hear that you’re health isn’t the best it can be. I’ve been a fan of yours for 40 of my 55 years. The first time I heard your fantastic playing was on a date for dinner at my then girlfriend’s house in NH. Her parents had your record of Oscar Peterson Trio plus One. I used to ask them to play that every time I went there. I’ve been hooked ever since. I wish you a speedy and full recovery, a wonderful birthday, and a merry holiday season.

Mr. Clark Terry Sir
Thank you. You are a teacher and an inspiration to all…and on many many levels.
May your spirit, mind, and body, heal and keep on…

Chris Hanratty
12/9/2011 @ 3:48 pm

Please keep blowing that horn Clark!

Keep on, Keepin’ on, Clark — the world loves you and your music! I feel very blessed to have you and Gwen in my life. Love, Dawn