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Walter Ramos
02/23/2015 @ 8:55 pm

My sincere condolences to his wife. CT, may you rejoice in the presence of the Lord. We will always love you…….. Thank you…

Jonathan Feil
02/23/2015 @ 8:27 pm

An incomparably distinctive musical style, an inspiration to many, an educator of the current new generation of jazz artists, and a man of great public and personal magnetism. The best obituary is listening to his music – One of my favorites is his “role” as Puck in “Up and Down, Up and Down (I Will Lead Them Up and Down)” in Ellington’s “Such Sweet Thunder” suite. Clark *was* the perfect Puck.

I shared a stage with Clark five times on two continents. The man played with everyone, from the best ever to nobodies like me. No one has done more to pass on the jazz language. Rest in peace.

Andrea Berebitsky
02/23/2015 @ 6:15 pm

I was introduced to the genius of Mr. Terry by my cousin Bobbye Blash. He is playing in that big jazz band upstairs. My prayers are with you.

Certainly Clark Terry was a remarkable musician.
As a jazz player and producer of another generation
there was only one event that we were
in the same club together and that event was the Jazz Journalists Association
annual awards gala at B.B. King’s club in 2005.
My sympathy to his widow Gwen.

R E Jones, Sr.
02/23/2015 @ 5:49 pm

I would like to acknowledge Mr. Terry’s genius. I was in his presence once.

Clark Terry was a giant in so many ways – as a master musician, wonderful and completely generous human being and good soul. I have always loved and will always love his music and his unique sense of humor.

Whenever I hear or see him play I marvel at his talent and it always makes me smile. He was a pleasure and a treasure and I too will miss him forever.

Thanks C.T., You definitely made this world a better place. We were so lucky to have you here as long as we did.

Carlo Madden
02/23/2015 @ 4:53 pm

Dear Gwen,
Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of Mr. Terry.

Because of his immense contribution to music, music education and the inspiration that his music has provided and will continue to provide for our young jazz musicians for many years to come, the musical world will be forever indebted to him, and you, for caring for him during the trials of illness.

The music will never die. Long live Clark Terry’s music, a truly international giant of Jazz.

Kind regards,

George Ziegler
02/23/2015 @ 4:03 pm

I knew of his trumpet and incredible skill, but it was not until the film KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON that I learned of his monumental humanitarian accomplishments. God Bless Him for all his contributions to music, musicians, and his outstanding example as a fine human being.

02/23/2015 @ 3:32 pm

The Russian jazz lovers are grieving at the sad news.Clark Terry was well known, respected and admired here. There’s a feeling that a sparkle of light and joy left this world with his passing. Our condolences to his family, friends and all those who loved him dearly as a man and wonderful musician.
Rest in Peace, Dear Clark Terry…

Thank you Clark Terry. One of my greatest achievements in my life was the fact that Clark knew my name. And the fact that I got to record and play with him. What a great, great Man and musician. The world is lessor place without Clark Terry. But he is still with us in his vast legacy. God bless Clark Terry!!!!!!!

Cyril Laffitte
02/23/2015 @ 2:40 pm

Thanks for all Mister Terry, an amazing musician but a great human being too, a master.

Much love and respect from France. Always, Cyril

Dr. DeLyle Dvorak
02/23/2015 @ 2:23 pm

Gwen, we are so sorry to hear of CT’s passing. He was a great musician & more than that, such a fine human being. He had such a deep interest & concern for young musicians – it was always fun to watch him work with several of my bands over the years. My wife, Pat & I were so grateful for the cards & notes he sent at Christmas each year. We were thrilled to receive Clark’s invitation to be ‘one of his best men’ at your wedding in Texas. That was an experience we’ll always treasure. Our children remember Clark taking them out for ice cream – his love for students & young people was obvious. We’ll miss him a lot. Heaven has received a great trumpeter & a wonderful man. Thanks for taking care of him all these years.

Thanks for the memories and your music will never die, RIP!

alfonso Gonzalez
02/23/2015 @ 12:53 pm

R.I.P. master, 🙁 you will be missed but not forgotten

Words cannot express the true genius of Clark Terry, he will be missed but never forgotten. Thanks TC.

Michael Packard
02/23/2015 @ 12:31 pm

Clark would teach us to swing with his whole body….stompin’ and clapin’ and singin’ and smilin’ the entire time….then we’d kick off the rhythm section…blues or changes to A-Train…and he’d go to the saxes and pick a soloist…as soon as they got to rollin’, he’d move to the bones and give them a background riff…either sing it or play it on his flugel…the trumpet section would be leanin’ towards him like puppies ready for a treat….then a bone soloist…and we’d hear nothing but his riff for us….he’d look back at the sax soloist and yell “HEAVY”….this went on for 20-25 mins…seemed like 3…we’d wrap it up and he was smilin’…big smile…made us feel 10 feet tall….then we’d pick our music for the concert at the end of the week…run the road maps…put the soloist in place…then spend the rest of the week sight reading out of his personal book….old arrangements from Duke or Basie days…and new stuff just out….what a gas…that was back in the 80’s and I still hear him play and imagine him dancing-stomping-directing with his horn….

One of the greatest jazz musicians passed away, a great Jazzer and a very great human being. Thanks for your being there and for your wonderful music, thanks Clark Terry !

Kai Sommer dentiste et pianiste
02/23/2015 @ 10:15 am

Rest in peace Mr.Mumbles, one of my great idols as a musician and human beeing passed away. He was like a father figure to all of us younger jazz musicians and Clark was one of a kind.Deepest condolence from Germany to all of his family and I am sure that Clark got the pool position in the divine orchestra.He was and still will be a great infuence and light of enthousiasm.God bless his soul, with love and respect, Kai Sommer,piano player, Germany

Just wanted to share a quick Clark Terry story:

I went to a highly competitive cut-throat music school (not like Whiplash though. My teachers actually TAUGHT). Sometimes, as happens with everyone, I would get bogged down and burnt out with school work. Music became work, not fun anymore. It was at these times, I’d put the books aside and put the horn back in the case and pull up YouTube on my computer, and watch concert videos of some of my favorite trumpeters. Maynard, Wynton, Wayne, Miles, Freddie, Herseth. They all inspired me a great deal. But no one inspired me more than watching Clark Terry at work. It wasn’t work, it was always a joyous experience hearing and watching him play. No matter how incredibly burnt out I was, I always smiled and felt reinvigorated after seeing him do his thing. I never had the pleasure of meeting CT so I don’t know if it’s proper to call him a mentor. But he was as much of one as I could ever have. He showed me and decades of trumpet players how it is to be done. Flawless technique, wonderful spirit, feeling, musicality.

Thank you CT! We love you, we’ll miss you, but your spirit will always live on in the generations of trumpet players you influenced.